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The Top 10 Sanchez Songs

The Top 10 Sanchez Songs

Kevin Anthony Jackson, also known by his stage name Sanchez, is a record producer and reggae singer of Jamaican descent. After starting his career in 1987, Sanchez has produced a number of hit singles including “One In A Million”, “Fall In Love”, “Missing You”, “I Care For You” and “Never Dis Di Man”. He has worked as a singer and record producer in the reggae, lovers rock, R&B, gospel, dancehall, and pop genres in his illustrious career. Sanchez has worked with some of the most prominent labels including VP Records, RAS Records, Jet Star, and Greensleeves Records.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Sanchez got his stage name after a footballer due to his football skills. He started singing at an early age in the Rehoboth Apostolic Church choir in St Catherine and recorded his first hit “Lady In Red” in 1987. By the following year, Sanchez was among Jamaica’s most famous singers and has over the years produced a number of hits.

So, to educate our readers of some of the songs this legend of Reggae has sung in his brilliant music career, in this post, we have compiled an informative list of “The Top 10 Sanchez Songs”.

1. One In A Million:

2. Missing You:

3. I Can’t Wait:

4. Fall In Love:

5. Pretty Girl:

6. Here I Am:

7. Praise Him:

8. Loneliness:

9. Never Dis Di Man:

10. I Care For You:

Honorable Mentions:

11. Frenzy:

12. Lady In Red:

13. Baby Can I Hold You:

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