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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Belize Retirement

There are many reasons that people are looking at retiring abroad, such as cost of living, lifestyle choices, laid back atmosphere and adventure, just to name a few. Many people are considering Belize retirement as a realistic option. Sol Property Group (, specializes in living abroad and international properties. Here are 5 good reasons a person should consider Belize in their retirement plans.

Belize offers an outstanding retirement program for foreign buyers. The Belize Qualified Retired Person program allows you to bring in a car, boat and or plane tax free. You can also bring up to $15,000 work of household goods in tax free. The program also allows for fairly prompt approval of residency for qualifying applicants.

Belize offers a very reasonable low cost of living. People can live comfortably on $2,000 a month. Also, most people do not spend much money on things such as fuel and other travel expenses associated with travel, you are already located in one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Wonderful Climate – Belize is a country many may not have heard of, though it offers plenty of opportunity for relaxing in the sun and retiring in pure bliss. After all, most people want to spend their retirement someplace where they can be comfortable right? As an overall term to describe the climate here it’s best to classify Belize as having a subtropical climate. The good news is that most of the time, Belize is very comfortable.

Enjoy an active lifestyle – The cays (small islands made up of mostly sand and coral) are also attractions with the barrier reef to explore. Water sports are very popular including scuba diving, boating, fishing, and even animal watching. Away from the sea are the mountains. The Mountain Pine Ridge region is one choice and the Maya Mountains another. Throughout this area you will find beautiful waterfalls and even some of the oldest Mayan cities.

Accessibility – Belize is located just south of Mexico with direct flights from many US cities. The other benefit is that this also makes other areas in the region and the Caribbean just a short flight away. Making Belize retirement a strong option for those seeking retirement options abroad.

If Belize retirement sounds like something you may be interested in, try contacting Sol Property Group (, they are experts in Caribbean and Central American living. They believe that there most important service is providing people with the proper information needed to make a education decision. Living abroad can be intimidating, and its important that retirees have the most up to date and accurate information possible.

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