Top U.S. Food Magazine Rates “Ting” Most Authentic Flavor of Its Kind

Ting Jamaican Grapefruit Drink

Bon Appetite, a top food and entertainment publication in the United States, has named “Ting,” Jamaica’s grapefruit soda as the most “authentic flavor of its kind” in the world. The magazine compared two Jamaican beverages – Ting and Bigga’s grapefruit flavors – with eight worldwide brands of non-alcoholic drinks. After conducting blind tests of over a dozen grapefruit sodas, the magazine was surprised to find that most tasters chose Ting as the drink with the truest grapefruit flavor. Ting beat out more famous brands and more expensive brands to take the top position among soda drinkers. Ting was introduced in 1976 and has been a part of life in the Caribbean since then. The current drink comes in original and pink grapefruit flavors. According to the producer, Ting as discovered in the 1970s at the Jamaican Guinness plant. Ting is made with real grapefruit from concentrate, plus, as the company says, “a dash of Jamaican sunshine.”

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