Will Tourists to Jamaica Be Issued Medical Marijuana Cards Via Ganja ATMs?

Medical Marijuana

Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) wants to outfit the airports and seaports on the island with dedicated desks or kiosks that would provide tourists with licenses to buy marijuana during their visit. The agency is investigating the framework of such an operation and believes an appropriate policy can be devised in a few weeks, said Dr. Winston De La Haye, chairman of the CLA’s Medical Committee. Dr. De La Haye believes that quick action is needed to fill any gaps in the regulations. Hyacinth Lightbourne, CLA chairperson, supports De La Haye, saying that the kiosks, or dispensers, represent an advancement In the medicinal uses of ganja. Such dispensers are becoming popular in other countries, Lightbourne noted. Delano Seiveright, CLA member, stated that a permit-dispenser system for island tourists would provide a potentially lucrative revenue stream for the government. The proposed port kiosks would be manned by individuals with medical training who will grant permits to visitors who want to use or carry up to two ounces of ganja while they are in Jamaica.

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