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Pictures of 2002 Holiday Toy Drive Presentation

RawHTML:On December 23rd 2002, presented the toys from our toy drive to the children at the Kencot Children’s Mission in Kingston, Jamaica. This was the first of it’s kind held by us and we’re exteremly proud as we exceeded the goal set for the Drive.

The Toy Drive would not have been made possible without the help of the contributions made by the members from our website here at and we thank you again for your generous contributions.

Special mention and thank you goes out to Pauline Thompson in Jamaica, who organized things from that end and helped in the planning and handing over of the toys.

We’d also like to thank Chickie, one of our Moderators residing in Jamaica, for being on hand to represent the website and to also capture some of the moments on film.

Thank you goes out also to Finlay’s Ship to Jamaica who provided services for the transportation of the toys to Jamaica.


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