Travel Consultant Kevin Nebola’s “Top Picks for Jamaica”

Negril Sunset - Travel Consultant Kevin Nebola Top Picks for Jamaica

Travel consultants, like Kevin Nebola, are always looking for new spots to introduce to clients planning a trip to the island. From spas and restaurants to picturesque sunsets, check out Kevin’s top picks for Jamaica.

What’s something that would surprise most people about Jamaica — any off-beaten path things to explore?
The genuine upfront friendliness of the Jamaican people! If you look them in the eye and treat them with respect, they will do the same to you! An off the beaten track place is Collette’s Bar in the Negril area and you meet the warm engaging Collette as well as many friendly Jamaicans and tourists that seek her out on purpose!
Collettes Bar Negril

Collette’s Bar Negril, Jamaica

From roadside stalls to holes in the wall to fine dining experiences, what are the best places to try that celebrate Jamaican food culture?
Although there are many great places to try, many never leave their resorts! For even those, you can engage the Jamaicans at the resort and ask them the best Jamaican food to try! I have been to resorts that I felt had very forgettable American food, but asked the Jamaicans and they directed me to the best local dishes and I ate very well! If you are in Negril and want to actually leave for a wonderful meal PushCart at The Rockhouse is always a great meal!
The most Instagrammable spots in Jamaica?
It may sound cliché’ but seriously don’t miss one sunset in Negril, they are always worth waiting for!
Walking on the Beach Negril Sunset - Travel Consultant Kevin Nebola Top Picks for Jamaica

Negril Sunset

What’s a recommended “treat yourself” (spa, massage, etc.) experience you should do in Jamaica?
The most beautiful, relaxing spa I have seen in Jamaica is stillImage may contain: pool and outdoor Fern Tree at Half Moon! That being said, where you are staying likely has a nice spa and a couples massage is always an enjoyable time!

One guilty pleasure you enjoy on the island that you suggest to visitors?
Sangsters Rum Cream on ice, especially after dinner! This is a unique to Jamaica savory treat that I never tire of! In fact, I usually bring a couple bottles home each time I visit the island!
Travel Consultant Kevin NebolaTop Picks for Jamaica

Kevin Nebola

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