Traveling in Jamaica – Present Day

Traveling in Jamaica - Present Day

I wrote an article a few months ago about my experience traveling by bus to the Country as a child. Fast forward to present day 2021. I had reason to visit my beloved country recently. It was a bittersweet trip as I was taking my dad’s cremated remains to its final resting place in St. Elizabeth, where he was born.

This time around, you know, we went by car. Honestly, I don’t know how people survive driving on the roads there.It was an entire experience! Let me be clear, I didn’t drive, I left that to my sons, and my cousin. You have to be some kind of whiz to navigate the traffic, (where all these cars come from??!!),dodging the potholes, the endless motorcyclists, let me take a breath here. Again, a whole experience.

Traveling in Jamaica - Present Day

After exiting Kingston, hitting the highway, memories flooded back to my childhood. The smell of sugarcane from the fields, passing through towns, districts with that country smell, makes for a wonderful feeling!! We stopped on Spur Tree Hill at THE spot, The Corn Man. Made a video too, which I will share soon. Cars speeding by, nothing changed there. Santa Cruz, another vibe, bustling as always but more congested. I loved it anyway. Heading to Lacovia wasn’t bad, turned at the famous Lacovia Tombstone, didn’t get to take any pics as it had begun to rain. I hadn’t been that side of St. Elizabeth in a long time but it was good to be back, making this final trip with my dad. Taxis were everywhere, colorful people too. They were so friendly, but Jamaicans are like that. People waved to you, even though they didn’t know you, wishing you a good morning. I love my Jamaican people! Once at our destination, even more salutations.

Heading back to Kingston albeit, sad, the journey was as it was in the morning. Navigating the traffic. Two lanes becoming three, even four lanes!! Trust me, you have to have a strong tolerance, no faint of heart could handle the roads there but I lift my hat to those who do. Final stop for the evening, Red Hills Road for Jerk Chicken.There’s a curfew in place so we just grabbed and go. There’s much more that I will share very soon but one thing Jamaica has its issues but there’s no place like there to me.

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