Treasure Beach Included on USA Today List of 100 Places Its Staff and Contributors Want to Visit in 2021

While considering how 2020 was marked by disappointed travelers who could not visit family, friends, or explore different countries and cultures around the world, the staff and contributors to USA Today decided to compile a list of the 100 places they want to visit in the coming year. Among those places is Treasure Beach in Jamaica.

Kristin Braswell, USA TODAY travel contributor, selected Treasure Beach because it is one place on the island of Jamaica that “isn’t ridden with high-rise hotels or tourist attractions.” She likes how it is possible to have a “slow commune with nature” there and it represents an opportunity for “the recentering” Braswell desires in 2021. She added, “Time slows here and is exactly the type of intimate travel I crave and can’t wait to return to.”

Other Caribbean destinations were chosen by USA Today’s writers contributors. Melanie Reffes, USA TODAY travel and 10Best contributor, selected St. Maarten has her choice destination for 2021 She wrote that she misses “the warm vibe, cosmopolitan charm and some of my dearest pals” in St. Maarten and the islands in the Dutch Caribbean.

Gary Levin, USA TODAY TV editor, wrote that St. Lucia is one of his favorite destinations “for its (inactive) volcanoes and black-sand beaches” He added that “it’s far less overrun with tourists like me than other Caribbean islands.” Levin said he hadn’t been to St. Lucia for almost 20 years, but that he was “dying to go back.”

Jerald Council, Studio Gannett creative director, is ready for a visit to Turks and Caicos for “a much-needed breath of fresh air.” He dreams of exploring the wonders of nature via “photography, snorkeling, parasailing and sampling all-inclusive gourmet meals.”

Among the more unique destination choices is Dollywood. Joshua Bote, USA TODAY news reporter, says “The least I can do to pay my dues to the woman who funded one of the COVID-19 vaccines – the same icon who wrote “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene” in the same day – is to take a trip down to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, get myself some cinnamon bread and take a spin on the Tennessee Tornado at Dolly Parton’s theme park.”

Finally, Charles Trepany, USA TODAY life and entertainment fellow, listed several destinations of choice, including Mars. “Honestly, at this point, why not? After spending most of 2020 quarantined at home on Earth, I’m wanderlusting for anywhere in the galaxy.”

Information and Photo Source: Deposit Photos/USA Today/Apple News