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Trip Report Part 2: Ocho Rios Family Reunion

Day 3
No one wanted to get up. After the long walk  up to the river head at Cranbrook Park they were tired. However, the mention of Dunn’s River got everyone excited. That was the first activity for the day. Enough said, I think the pictures here will best describe Dunn’s River Falls. See the image gallery at the end of the page.

The day ended with the main event for the family activity. It was a family dinner at Almond Tree restaurant. Everyone was late as usual. We had a place reserved on the terrace overlooking the sea. It was lovely however the night was humid. The sea breeze did eventually help. Dinner was good and as usual we ended the night with our vote on where the next reunion would be.

Day 4
No one was able to wake up. I needed a real breakfast so I headed out to a ‘hole in the wall’ the forum moderator Magic introduced me to at a Bashment in 2004. It is a small fishing village across the street from Sky Castles just outside the Ocho Rios Town Centre. The place had changed. There was now better building and  parking. There was no ackee so I got callaloo and “earth food”.

The rest of the morning into the mid afternoon was spent by the pool and the beach. Later we went off to my Aunt’s house to say a final good bye. After the final goodbyes we went to eat at “Ultimate Jerk” which was across from Green Grotto. There was a cricket field behind the restaurant. There was a cricket match.

Day 5
We had an early breakfast and then checked out of the hotel. Check out took a while. Next we headed to the town centre to get some Mothers patties. We were going to Negril for the second half of trip so I figured it would be best to eat. We made one stop on the way…river rafting on the Martha Brae.

The drive to Trelawney was smooth. We followed the signs from the main road to the Martha Brae river rafting location. It was Monday. The place was empty.  We later found out that the cruise ships normally come in the middle of the week. Most of their customers are from the cruise ships.   It took us less than 10 minutes to get on a raft. We would leave our car and go down river.

The ride was amazing. I think they should put a bed on the rafts. Along the way there were vendors on the side selling their wares on the river bank. The man who piloted the rafter down the river was very friendly. He told us how the rafts were built. He told us about the river. He even took pictures of my family. I always wanted to do this and it was worth it. I recommend anyone who visits Jamaica to try it. 

At the end of the trip while waiting to be driven back we were entertained by some teenage boys diving off a close by bridge into the water. On the ride back up the driver saw a car. He mentioned that it was Usain Bolt’s car and that he did not live far from the river.

We got to Negril late. We were hungry so we stopped a Cosmo’s restaurant. The food there is always good. After dinner we  headed to our place of stay…The Whistling Bird cottages on the seven mile beach…we stay there every time we go to Negril. The welcome was great. We could not wait to hit the sack after a long day.

I will continue with day 6 and 7 next month. Part 1 was publishes last month.

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