True Independence is Jamaica Becoming a Republic

True Independence is Jamaica Becoming a Republic

Jamaica needs to evolve from being a colony to becoming a republic – true independence. The absentee landlady – Queen Elizabeth II – is the supreme leader of Jamaica via the office of the governor general. Jamaica is yet to realize her true potential – her place in the sun.

Yes, as a republic, Jamaica’s struggle will be intensified mostly by external forces (i.e., the usual suspects) and “the usual fifth column.” Even so, I am buoyed by unflappable confidence that the Jamaican character will triumph in the end via her sheer will.

To borrow from Bob Marley, we need to be led by true revolutionaries instead of mercenaries. The whole rotten colonial government/party system is so weak that you only need to kick down the front door and the whole edifice comes tumbling down.

What would the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey do?

Jamaica’s current path is not sustainable. Jamaica is on the path of becoming an islandwide plantation that will turn its inhabitants into slaves or even worse: cutthroat bandits, mendicants, and prostitutes (both male and female).

Fellow Jamaicans, let us fetch Mother Jamaica’s crown from the gutter and place it back on her head. And let us defend our Mother’s dignity and pride. Let not our neighbors see our mother prostituting herself nor begging bread.

Let’s begin our journey – our struggle by turning Jamaica into a republic.

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