Usain Bolt Set to Train Young Boy from New Delhi

Usain Bolt Set to Train Young Boy from New Delhi Nisar Ahmed

Nisar Ahmed of New Delhi, India, is getting the chance to train with the top sprinter of all time, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist and world’s fastest man. Ahmed, whose father is a rickshaw puller, is just 16 years old, and he will be training at Racers Track Club in Kingston. He is one of 14 others who will participate at the training camp. Ahmed said he is excited to travel to Jamaica and believes he will learn how to be a winner. Ahmed was chosen by his coach Surendar Singh, who said he was “extremely talented.” Singh, who has trained the boy since 2013, went on to say that he has seen Ahmed improve every day and that the way he began his running career is an example of his dedication. He used to run in his bare feet, said the coach, who realized he needed more appropriate training to further his development. Ahmed currently holds India’s national record in the Under-16 category in the 100 meters with a time of 10.85 seconds.

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The mission of the Racers Track Club is to provide opportunities for athletes to realize their full potential, by providing excellent coaching and good
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Info and Photo Source: Racers Track Club Youtube

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