Usain Bolt

Beijing Olympics 2008
August the 16th was the exact date
Men’s hundred metre final, Bolt first across the line
In a world record time of 9.69

And him never just come first, him decimate the field
All the other athletes saw of him was him back and him boot heel
Even though him slow down and lick him chest and look off to the side
And to add insult to injury, his left shoelace was untied

One athlete say, when Bolt pass him, all him see was a big yellow streak
And when him realize what did just tek place, him conclude that the boy is a freak
But the IOC president was not amused, and after the race was a grumble
That Bolt celebrate too early and too show off and that him should try to be humble

But Bolt say him was only enjoying himself and having a little fun
And meant no disrespect at all to the other athletes who did run
Plus the IAAF president had no problem with how him celebrate
Saying that he brought excitement to the sport and this we should appreciate

In the two hundred meters, them say Michael Johnson’s record was unreachable
But Bolt prove them wrong and blew the world’s mind to show that it was actually beatable
For him erase that record and win in a time of 19.30
And graduated from being a local legend  to become an international hero

Next mission: World Athletics Championships, Berlin, 2009
And all eyes were on the big man to see  what him would give us this time
The track wasn’t the usual orange brown color, this time it was blue instead
But when Bolt tek off and scorch it up, me could swear say it did turn red

The one hundred meters was the first race that him did tek on and tackle
For him it was the sweet taste of victory, as usual, but for his opponents it was a debacle
Gay did say him was ready, and Asafa look relaxed this time
But when the starter’s pistol go off, Usain lef’ the whole a dem behind
For him shatter him own world record, and clock 9.58 seconds to win
That’s .11 seconds faster than him run when him did get gold in Beijing
The fact that him did win, to most of us, was not at all surprising
But the margin of victory, to the other athletes, must have been demoralizing

For this was a race that Tyson Gay thought he could have won
After all, him set a national record and run 9.71
But not only did he lose, him lose by donkey lengths
I mean, people, think about it, that just don’t mek no sense

As for the two hundred meters, that was another classic display
Him tek eleven hundredths of a second off that record too, and blew the entire field away
After about ninety meters or so, the race did basically done
And nobody could even get close to him, no matter how fast them run

Hey, before him run him race them, Bolt and his competitors will par
But when him stand up at the starting block, them better prepare themselves for war
For whenever him run at a major event, him just keep raising the bar
But now it look like say him gone and raise the bar too far

For when him crossing the finish line his opponents only glimpse him from afar 
And dem kinda beaten will mek them have complex and give them psychological scar
Because the man is a supernova, him soar way past the level of star
It’s time him stop running ‘gainst humans now, and start if run ‘gainst race car

Michael Abrahams © 2009