WATCH: Discover Jamaica’s Unique Fire Water Spring in St. Ann

In the heart of one of Jamaica’s largest parishes, lies a unique attraction called the Windsor Mineral Spring or more popularly known as the Fire Water Spring in St. Ann’s Bay. Upon your first encounter, the small spring looks like any other freshwater attraction but due to its high concentration of sulphur, the surface of the spring can be lit on fire.

The tale of Fire Water dates back centuries, passed down through generations of Jamaicans. It is said that the spring was discovered by an ancient Taino tribe, who revered it as a sacred source of life and vitality. They believed that the waters held the power to heal both body and spirit, granting those who drank from it renewed strength and clarity of mind.

As time passed, the spring’s reputation spread far and wide, drawing visitors from other parishes and around the world seeking to benefit from its healing properties. Curious visitors were not only drawn to the healing properties of the spring but the history and tangible connection to Jamaican history.

Despite the allure of its mysteries, the people of St. Ann treat Fire Water Spring with reverence and respect; honoring its ancient legacy and preserving its natural beauty for generations to come. And so, the spring remains a sanctuary, a place where the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds blurred, and where the flames of history continued to burn bright.

Photo – SOAI Vlogs