Hair Extension Tutorial: How To Do Bun Hairstyle (Paradise Curl)

Hair Relaxer: Design Essentials (Professionally done every six (6) weeks).

Hair Cleansing: I wash my hair every Sunday at home. My shampoo & conditioner my vary.

General Care: I wrap my hair every single night with a satin scarf. I moisturize with Organic Root Stimulator Hair Lotion and seal with Pure Olive Oil every other night. I put Castor Oil in my hair once for the week at the side , back and front edges. I do not use any form of direct heat on my hair. I only sit under my dryer for 30mins.

Products Used:
1. Moisturizing Lotion: Organic Root Stimulator Moisturizer.
2. Edge Control: Organic Root Stimulator
3. Paradise Curl Extension

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