Non Profit Profile: Vision For Jamaica

All Jamaican High school graduates are coding competent.                     
– Vision For Jamaica, Inc. will introduce coding into Jamaican primary schools to initiate an inclusion of basic coding skills as a prerequisite for high school graduation.
– Vision For Jamaica, Inc. will assemble a team of Coding Coaches who will mentor both a primary school student and a community elder.
– Vision For Jamaica, Inc. will recruit volunteer coders who will organize and run coding camps in Jamaica.

– Vision For Jamaica is a community of self-empowered, self-directed individuals working within decentralized, self-monitoring, self-healing systems that hold human interactions at the crux of every meaningful transaction.
– The community foundations include personal integrity, environmental reverence, respect for all, community based moral compass, one-to-one, one-on-one, one-for-one trades, training and truth-telling where each one, reach one, teach one, unleash one until every individual finds their aligned place within the community.

-Coding is the literacy of the future.
-A generation ago, those who could not read and write were labeled illiterate and deemed unemployable, except at low wage, menial, manual labor jobs. A generation from today, those who cannot read and write at least one computer coding language will be the unemployable illiterates of that day.
-The world is moving faster than our government’s ability to respond.
-Our children in Jamaica deserve this knowledge. Join us under the Vision For Jamaica banner to build the Jamaica our children deserve by introducing computer coding, via game playing, into our primary schools today.

We have been documenting our progress on Twitter @JamaicanVision, on Instagram via LMR714, and Our static website is Feel free to use the images from any of our social media streams to help share the Vision For Jamaica message that CODING IS THE NEW LITERACY.


  • Coding sessions have been held at Ballards Valley and St Mary’s Primary schools.
  • Schools supplies were presented to Mrs. Swaby-Biggs at Morningside Primary.
  • Mr. Fitzroy Black, Principal of Ballards Valley, requested their portion of the donated funds be deposited into the school account to pay for safety signs being placed around the campus.
  • Volunteer coding coaches have been identified at both Morningside and Ballards Valley. They are awaiting training.
  • We have secured offers of pro bono professional services from a graphic artist in St. Elizabeth and a videographer in St. Catherine. (He found us thru


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