Wa Gwan?

Hey Man! Wah gwan? I’ve been to Jamaica twice now and will be going down again in July 2002. My experiences were very rich and fulfilling both times. My daughter met her fiancé in Minnesota who is a Jamaican and so they brought me down to visit. We did the horseback riding at Chukka Cove. We traveled to the country to meet his family and everybody we met was so kind and hospitable. Then I went to Negril and stayed the rest of the time by myself at Travelers Cabins. It was there that my life started over.

I met a wonderful man there who shares my dreams and we have corresponded ever since. We are looking forward to being together again in July. We like to snorkel and fish and do just about any water activities together. I love the ocean and can see myself retiring there in a few years. Jamaica is a paradise of dreams come true for many people. I urge everyone to give it a fair try and see for yourself what a beautiful place it is.
Peace, Barbie