I Shed One Tear

So I’m watching the children
Play in the school yard,
Wondering how many will be that happy
In their lifetime-how many will hate life.
So I shed one tear.

Remembering how the father placed
His son behind him, as bullets fly
Death for him is eminent.
So I shed one tear.

Little miss, her clothes torn and raggedy
Hair a mess, she dreams of castles
And happiness.
So I shed one tear.

Seeing the mother, choked by sadness,
She’s burying her daughters
Feeling like she’s the only one in the world.
So I shed one tear.

In the emergency room, they say
Little man won’t make it,
The bruises go deep into his soul,
Someone who was suppose to love him – hated him.
So I shed one tear.

Hearing about
How many orphans the last war left,
That the little people are just waiting
For God’s call.
So I shed one tear.

This life ain’t about all happiness,
It’s about sadness too.
So I shed one tear, only for the children.

About the author

Calvin CKerr