Weakness For Words

i have a weakness for words.
all kindsa words,
like nouns, adjectives, and verbs
this verbal appreciation
manifests itself
by makin me like brothers
wit’ good conversation
nothing like a man
with tight word game
who can make a woman
feel just right
think she seeing the light
a man who ain’t kickin’
the same lame game
that no sane woman should be down with
my major weakness is words
i know it seems strange
or deranged
but i can think of many things worse
than diggin’ a brother
who can write
and recite good verse
most poetic brothers
are no better than the others
under the surface
but hey
i have a weakness for words
i read them every day
hungrily lookin for more
stealin’ bestsellers
and self help stuff
from the local grocery store
and when i cant get a new book
i go home to my own bookshelf
take a look
tryin to find
the last one that really
stimulated my mind
and that i wouldn’t mind
reading just one more time
and i keep a journal
to which i adjourn
in times of stress
when i’m feelin distressed
whenever i’m able
i sit down at the closest table
and write words
then i reach for the phone
call a friend or several
so we can exchange more words
i seek words like a crackhead
with some fresh rocks and a pipe
seeks a light
to fuel that high
to escape reality’s deafening silence
i have a weakness for words
when my son acts out
i discipline him with words
who needs to spank with their hands
when they can deliver
a perfectly good tongue lashing?
when he needs love
i use words to shower and uplift him
when he is angry
words are what i use to pacify him
married men approach me
and i use words to shame them into fidelity
at least temporarily
i don’t watch tv
i listen to the words
i talk incessantly
about my problems
write increasingly
about fallings out with my men
how best to make amends
i love words
even more than i love alcohol
not sure if it’s normal
but i need words
i enjoy sex
so i can use dirty words
without offending anyone
love music coz i get to dance
and say the words in tune to the rhythm
the right words can make me
sing or hum
dance to the beat of your drum
the power of words
that body language
and eye communication foolishness
is for the birds
i need words
i have a major weakness
on my most needed list
words are first
and third
i use words to
bore you
educate you
entertain you
gain your love
or sympathy
if you feel me
holla at me
i’ll be somewhere
doing something
with words.

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