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West End Negril

This Easter will be our fourth time to Jamaica. We stay on the west end out past the lighthouse. Sonny Lynch has grass top huts that we rent. His brother Dennis has Whoppies Park across the road.The park has about 30 hammocks, a bar, stairs to the ocaen, and a new restraunt.We don’t do alot wile we are here. Snorkel in the A.M., Redstripe or fresh O.J. by 9AM. Then it’s a short walk to Colins for Cocca Bred fresh from the oven. Back to Dennis’s to hang out and sit by the clifs. We walk around see the sites and talk to the pepole. In the afternoon we end up by Dennis’s again for Rum & O.J. We have tried a few of the restraunts. The food is good every place we tried. My favorite is Brown Stued Chicken.In the evening we hang at Dennis’s ( your shocked ) We wait for the Rostas to come by. Pepsie , has a car and stops every night to see if we are up for a ride.We have taken some nice rides with him. (he has become a good frend’) George stops by and bings homade candy.We just pass the time away, no problem. Well ,this is how I spend my Jamaica vacation…DAVE

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