What A Show Down Ina Di Bed Room

WHAT A SHOW DOWN INA DI BED ROOM Mi seh what a condition Di other night deh Di man get bex And wah come fight mi Mi look pon him hard And ask him seh A wah do yu man A tru mi go out Satdeh night deh Di man jus kiss him teet an Start shout and a seh Chow! no badda mi Yar gal I gwain gi yu two lick urder yu jaw bone Seh fe! But stop! a weh yu wah Come lick mi fa Yu really tink seh Yu a mi old time pah Mi jus tun mi back And start tek off mi close One blow mi feel Pon mi neck back Only god him one know Mi spin round fass Like gig An seh A me you wah come Kick dung bwoy Eh! Eh! Mi Seh me lick him Mi kick him Till mi blood run cold Him hold mi ina mi neck back Till mi dem eye start roll Mi go dung pan one knee A den mi start moan But mek I tell yu a ting Todeh I rise up like cane An I box him Go weh! Mi ben back him finger dem An him start begg PLEASE! Mi get fi tump him Pan him nose A now him start bleed Him tun mi roun And pitch mi pan di bed Mi jus lif up mi two foot dem And Kick him over mi head Di man bal out whooooh! Wen him start sail Him head top lick ina di wall drove A den him look pale Him lay down flat Fi a lickl while Den all of a sudden Di man start get wild Mi git up quick and start tek foot Di man give me a kick Wid him big old horse hoof A dat time now me start feel weak Mi drop down the stairs An lan pon mi knee But mi neva nuh seh A so di man cudda run Mi check seh him sarf Tru him eat nuff bun One chop Him chop afta mi A good tin him miss Cos him cudda damage mi Spinal cord Wid dem deh kina lick Mi run so till mi reach outta door Mi buckup pon one police man And him ball out NOOOOOO! Stop di fighting cos it no look To good Dem style deh dis a mash up di Neighbourhood By dis time nung Di man outta bret And true di police bwoy de deh Why mi cudda stop fret Mr Johnson jus hold on Pon di man Cos dat deh man deh Him tink him a di dan Mr Johnson start box him up An lick him down An geh him two kick Fi sen him dowm town A so dem cuff him And tek him Straight ina di riot van Dem buss up him teet And try pop off him han And dat was the last Mi see a di wicked lickle man Copyright © June 2003 Lorraine Henry

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