What’s It Like Being An American Living in Jamaica?

In a recent episode of “Expats Living in Jamaica,” Misti Memphis, an American transplant, sat down with Jamaicans.com founder Xavier Murphy to share her captivating journey of moving to Jamaica. What started as a dream inspired by the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” led Misti on a life-changing adventure that has spanned over 24 years.

Misti’s story is a testament to the warm embrace of Jamaican culture. She reminisces about her first encounter with the island’s beauty and how it compelled her to make the move. Her love for Jamaica shines through as she describes feeling safer, freer, and happier than ever before.

Living in Jamaica has not only brought her joy but also a sense of community that she finds lacking in her homeland. In Jamaica, she feels seen and acknowledged, a stark contrast to the anonymity she often felt in the United States. She cherishes the camaraderie, the genuine connections, and the simple yet profound courtesy of saying “good morning” to passersby.

Misti also shares her experiences with the vibrant Jamaican culture, from the tantalizing flavors of the local cuisine to the infectious rhythms of reggae music. She has immersed herself in the island’s traditions, learning the language and participating in local celebrations. This deep dive into Jamaican life has enriched her experience and solidified her love for the country.

Misti’s advice to expats considering a move to Jamaica is simple yet profound: it’s possible to find happiness and contentment on a modest budget. She encourages others to embrace the Jamaican way of life, where material possessions are secondary to the richness of community and connection.