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When will I get my Formal Order from the Jamaica Court?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I asked someone to get my formal order and to pay for the bailiff’s service to get possession of my house. The judge gave the person in my property, till March 15th to remove. The man hasn’t given me told me anything further even now. I cant take the bus all the way to town for that.
Ezekiel Largie,
RESPONSE: Dear Ezekiel,
Its possible he didnt pay for the services. Generally if the date for person to move out has not passed, a Formal Order will not be made up. The Resident Magistrate court at which you had your order, will not take any money for any other stage until the deadline for the occupant to move out has passed.
Therefore  you could give the man you paid your money some extra time to contact you, unless you want to confirm what the Court might have said to him. You can also contact the Court office by phone.
Legal Wiz

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