Women’s Health Network Conducts Comprehensive Health Mission in St. Elizabeth

Women’s Health Network-Jamaica (WHN), a not-for-profit, advocacy NGO whose mandate is to address women’s health issues in underserved communities, is conducting a two weeks (July 9-22) comprehensive health mission in St. Elizabeth, focusing on health research, health education, health capacity building, social inclusion and clinical proceedures.

Headed by renowned Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and former Senior Medical Officer of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Dr. Rudolph Stevens, WHN has performed some 143 surgeries since 2013 at the Black River Hospital (BRH) in St. Elizabeth, which have significantly boosted services at the facility.

Dr. Stevens pointed out that the team, which consists of 45 persons from Jamaica and the Diaspora, includes gynaecologists; anaesthesiologists; cardiologists; dermatologists; family planning specialists; radiologists; operating theatre technicians; nurses and doctors. He added that the team has been operating from several sites in St. Elizabeth including the BRH, the Holy Spirit Catholic Clinic, the Santa Cruz, Magotty, Junction and Black River Health Centres.

Dr. Stevens added that in addition to the wide-ranging focus for the health mission, the team has delivered several small equipment to the health teams including blood pressure machines, glucose monitors, thermometers and anaesthetic machines.

“For the social inclusion aspect of the mission, we have partnered with GasPro to promote clean cooking, in an effort to decrease the incidences of respiratory illnesses which are common in St. Elizabeth. The research we conducted focused on depression and intimate partner violence in the Magotty community” Dr. Stevens said.

Dr. Stevens noted that the workshops, some of which will provide certification, forms part of the health capacity building for staff and focused on specialties including: data collection; nephrology; dental care; helping babies to survive; neonatal resuscitation; HIV screening; dermatology; gastroenterology; colposcopy; contraception; paediatrics and customer service.

CEO of the Black River Hospital, Mrs. Diana Brown-Miller noted that the hospital owes a depth of gratitude to Dr. Stevens and his team for their selfless service to the women in St. Elizabeth. She added that the hospital will continue to work with the team to ensure the highest quality care and success.

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