The Word Is Love On The New Album By George Nooks

George Nooks New Album

Shortly after he got married this year, singer George Nooks said he was inspired to write songs that reflected feelings he had for his wife. Some of those tracks can be heard on For You, his latest album, which was released on August 27 by Tad’s International Record.

“I was showing love to my wife, singing to her all the time. And she said to me, “what happen to those songs’,” Nooks said. “When you find love again songs like these will definitely come out of you.”

“Songs like these” include How Long, Over You and Out of My Mind, all written by Nooks. For the 16-song For You, he also covered Someone Special and Love Light, which were originally done by Dennis Brown, his mentor.

“He is still my best singer, we did a lot together,” said Nooks of Brown who died in 1999.

George Nooks

George Nooks

Nooks, who is in his late 50s, is from rural St. Andrew in Jamaica. He recorded his first song, Judgement Day, for session guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith in the mid-1970s before doing others for Brown’s DEB label.

His big break came in 1977 when he did Fortyleg Dreadand as deejay Prince Mohammed, on Culture’s Zion Gate. Those songs were produced by Joe Gibbs who also guided Nooks on Tribal War and Left With A Broken Heart.

After an extended break in the 1980s and much of the 1990s, Nooks came roaring back in 2000 with God Is Standing By, a reggae take on Al Green’s gospel favorite I’ll Be Standing By.

Nooks followed-up with a number of gospel and secular hits which has made him one of Jamaica’s most popular artists. Approaching the 45-year career mark, he credits spirituality for his endurance.

“To God be the glory. It was good and it’s still good,” he said.

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