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The Writings of the Soul~’When Life Says 2+2=5′

Identifying the problem

What do you do when everything that you know, that you are familiar with, that you can bank your life on, does not produce the expected results in your life’s equation?

We were taught in Math, that 2+2 = 4, but can we really apply this logical sequence to life? Life is a different kettle of fish, it’s a different school. Life’s school requires a discipline and diligence of the application of the principle of 2 + 2 =4. Yes, if I have two apples and I add two more apples, I have four apples. The same is true if I made $2.00 on Monday and $2.00 on Tuesday, if payday was on Wednesday, I would expect to receive $4.00. Yes, it makes logical sense. But it does not seem to have the logical explanation for 2 + 2 = 5. And don’t we have those times when life throws us that wearisome equation, and life seems to say “ you are on your own, figure it out yourself”. That is the part of life I do not like. How do I figure it out on my own?

Figuring out the problem

I did not appreciate Math in High School, what makes life thinks I will understand that concept now? There is silence. Life moves on. It’s not that life does not care. It’s just that life does not have the answer. No one has the answer. It’s what we call a quandary. Each person will just have to work out and solve that maddening equation on their own. This is part of the life process. This is what makes life, LIFE. But it is hard. So hard. Especially, if you are one who likes having your ducks lined up in a row; a preparer, a planner. You do not want to be taken by surprise. Always making sure everything is in place. Making sure everything adds up the way it should be. Heck, that is why I am in this field of human services. I was concerned about my fellow humans who have to meander through the misconception of the idealistic life, and become overwhelmed with the pain of knowing that they are not very good at Life’s math problems. It can be a scary experience. You are not in control. Life is in control. How do you control life? How do you avoid those life’s equations that makes no sense?

The Logical Sequence

Well, the first step is that you do have to understand that life cannot be controlled. If you are in agreement with that and at peace with that, then you can move forward with sure and confident steps. It is called ‘letting go’. Allow life to take you places. Do not resist life. But what if life takes me where I do not want to go? But that’s it. Life WILL take you where IT wants you to go. Its designed that way. Here is the kicker: Are you ready? Life does not have control over one itsy bitsy area of your ultimate destination? What do you mean? You ask. Well, let me explain…Life has no control over your destiny. Does that mean I am in charge of my destiny? A resounding YES! Life will throw its unsolvable problems at you. But as you continue to diligently work through the problems and the puzzles, you are still controlling where you want to be. And that still does not make sense. Okay, sit in the classroom and learn…

Something is Greater than Nothing

Life is filled with ups, downs, fear, love, anger, good, evil. It is no respecter of persons. Life will throw anything at anyone. Whether you are the greatest of all mathematicians or whether you are repeating first grade math. You will experience ups, you will experience downs, you will experience fear, you will experience love (if you let it), you will experience anger (everyone just show it differently). The point is, life is comprised of paradoxes that makes no sense in the human experience. However, what should make sense is your own path and destiny. That should be embedded in your vision, and you will not be thrown off the path and become overwhelmingly confused. Apply the same mathematical position to your destiny. Keep looking at 4, which is the end result and you will get the 4. How you get there, may not make logical sense to you, but as you keep steadfastly looking at that end result, you will make it. Do not major on the minors. It’s the bigger picture that counts, not life’s little unsolvable problems. But how do I come to terms with those unsolvable problems? I cannot deny them. What should I do? The answer is ‘nothing’. In nothing, you will find God. He is the Something out of Nothing. He is not the conjured up answer to man’s deserted isolated thought processes, as some would say. He is the Creator of the crazy world we live in. He is the answer to all the unsolvable problems. Will He solve ALL the unsolvable? No, he will not. But, you trust Him that he knows in that ‘nothingness’, there is a path being made for ‘something’ to come forth. Even if it is not revealed in physical form, I am ssured that it comes forth in what I cannot see. This is a strange paradox. Very strange. No wonder the atheists have a hard time understanding this predicament because why leave your brain to think ‘nothing’? Surely, if you continue to utilize your brain processes, you will come up with ‘something’? That is the never ending quest of the scientist and the unbelievers. Do we leave our brains at the door of faith? Well, if I cannot figure out a math problem, I will leave it, come back to it another time and continue to try to solve the problem. There must be a solution. That is what we were taught in our academic experience. Scientists are still trying to establish the physical evidence of the solutions. Of course, they have empirical answers to some of life’s problems and questions. But they do not have answers for ALL of life’s seemingly illogical sequences. They dismiss the possible solution to the unsolvable mysteries of life. But could there be another probable solution. What is that possible solution? The ‘Something’ that is Greater than ‘Nothing’; some would say that equals GOD.

A Logical Conclusion

Life will have those 2+2=5 moments. It is part of the journey of life. This is the knowledge that our math teacher did not impart to our impressionable minds; but they taught us the principles, so that we can carefully map our life’s journey in a logical, honorable and principled way. But, if some of life’s moments take us to places where we were not scheduled to be ,and of course, do not make logical sense, then we know that our faith in God is greater than those moments. We will turn them over to his capable Hands, and even though some of those moments may not be solved, our attitude will allow us to endure and have confidence on the path towards our ultimate destination. By trusting in the immeasurable vastness of a God who knows that he is the logical solution to our lives and our destiny, we can say to life “ Do what you will, but I know that at the end of the matter, my destiny will make sense”.


About the author

Debbie Campbell

Debbie is a Mental Health Counselor, and has been working in the mental health field for over ten years. A native of Jamaica, she has resided in the United States for more than twenty years. Debbie is the (2nd) second child of (5) five children. She came to the United States at age 17 to pursue her education in the field of Computers. However, her education pursuits led her into the field of Mental Health/Psychology. She obtained her Bachelors in Psychology in Miami and her Masters in Counseling in Oklahoma. Debbie's first book, 'Writings of the Soul: The Journey Vol. I' is only the beginning and a taste of what is to come in her writing abilities.