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Ya Mon

Ya mon! I have been to Jamaica 9 times now and I’m leaving next week for number 10.

The first time I stayed at Hedonism but it wasn’t till the next time that my new friends got me to stay outside the resorts. That was the start of a love affair my wife and I have for Jamaica today.

Since my first trip to Jamaica I have started a very successful reggae band in Boston know as Noddaclu (not-a-clue). Our first CD sold 1000 copies in just a few weeks.

When you visit Jamaica, get out and see the land and the people. Yes, many people want to sell you something, but that how they make their living. I wish people in our country would work so hard to make ends meet instead of welfare, which is not an option in Jamaica.

Have an open mind and you will have the time of your life which no other place in the Caribbean can match…Irie!

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