You Won’t Believe Where Jamaica Is Ranked on the List of Most Beautiful Countries

Jamaica has been ranked Number 35 on a list of the 50 Most Beautiful Countries in the world by the website,

Acknowledging that “beauty” means different things to different people, the website compiled a list of the 50 “most beautiful” countries in the world and ranked them according to an analysis of the number of “natural wonders” at each location, such as coral reefs, volcanoes, glaciers, tropical rainforests, and others.

Listed as the Number 1 Most Beautiful Country in the world is Indonesia, which was cited for its over 17,000 islands and 31,000 square miles of coral reefs within easy access from the country’s province of Bali, said Sal Haqqi, the personal finance editor at Other natural features that resulted in its top-of-the-list status are the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Komodo National Park; the tropical forests of Sumatra; and Kalimantan, the location of a nature reserve for orangutans. Listed in last place is Sweden at Number 50.

Bali - Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

Listed in the Top 10 are, in order, New Zealand, Colombia, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenya, India, France, Papua New Guinea, and Comoros. Caribbean countries were included on the list, with Grenada at 23, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines at 27, Saint Kitts & Nevis at 28, Jamaica at 35, Dominican Republic at 45, and Haiti at 48.

For a dose of Jamaican natural beauty, travelers may want to visit these impressive natural attractions on the island: the Dunn River with its cascading waterfalls; the Iris Blue Hole with its intense natural blue color; Waterfalls in Ocho Rios; the Marine Park in Montego Bay that features landscapes and tropic fauna living in the bay.; Half Moon Beach in Negril and the chance to take a bamboo raft to enjoy an island adventure; Glistening Waters in Falmouth, one of only three places in the world where microorganisms light up the night when discerning the movement of swimmers; YS Falls where it is possible to take a canopy ride and see the falls from above; the Blue Mountains that feature landscapes of ferns, bamboo, eucalyptus or colorful wildflowers; and Seven Mile Beach in Negril with its iconic postcard views.

Photo by Mahosadha Ong and Kenrick Baksh on Unsplash