You’ll Never Complain Again after You Read “The Great Survivor Story”

Survival is defined as the struggle to remain living, and our featured artiste this week is the epitome of survival.

In October, Nicholas “The Great Survivor” Robinson was featured in the Youth Stars segment of Youth Talk Politics or Politricks where he spoke about his music and shared his experience of being a survivor.

He is a gospel song writer and singer who is also talented in the area of music production. He plays four (4) musical instrument at the intermediate level, he is also a music teacher, and he has been writing his own songs for over ten (10) years through divine inspiration with the intention of touching lives globally.

So why is he worthy of the name – The Great Survivor? We sat down with him to have a little chat about his journey.

Where did you get the name “The Great Survivor?”
My stage name “The Great Survivor” came to me by inspiration through hard and trying times as a Christian. When I was at the brink of backsliding and suddenly was encouraged not to by a caterpillar, and a rat, was one such instance that inspired me to use this name.
Another instance was when I met in a major car accident on Spur Tree Hill main road due to brake failure with the van I was driving. The vehicle overturned 3 times at a high speed and I came out without any bruise or any form of injury.

What’s the inspiration behind your music?
I was inspired to write music based on my passion to minister to the broken hearted in order to help in their restoration.
Also to bring men, women, boys and girls to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his love for them.

How do you hope to touch lives with your gospel music?
I hope to touch lives through the strong message of God’s love in my songs that can encourage the depressed and weary ones. Whether school performances or anything basic to major stage performance I will use the opportunity to speak life and encourage somebody.

How long have been you been a gospel artiste?
I have been a gospel artist for over 13 years, performing in my church environment, auditioning at the JCDC competition among others.

Do you think it is possible to be a gospel artiste and non-Christian?
I do believe it is possible to be a gospel artiste while been a non-Christian, because the positive message in the songs can impact lives. If the person chooses not to be a Christian it does not take away from positive effect his music can have in our nation.

What is the name of your new song?
I have a number of upcoming singles and album, but currently I am focusing on promoting the song entitled “Extraordinary Worship” and “Walk in Victory”. In the future I will release the name of others.

What is your message to young Christians in Jamaica?
My main message to young Christians in Jamaica is to seek a personal relationship with God, don’t give in to peer pressure, take time to be different from the crowd.
Also, never tell yourself that the sky is the limit because there are greater levels beyond the sky so aim high for spiritual gifts and study hard academically to be among the best in society. You can make it even when someone says you won’t because your positive outcome does not depend on their approval.

For 2016 look out for The Great Survivor!!!

Definitely! Thanks for sharing with us

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