The Young Girl’s Plight

The young girl walks pass the man
school books tightly held in her hand.
Head down, shoulders hunched
hunger pains gnawing in her stomach
from missing lunch.

The man fell into step
slipping hand around her shoulder
hand slipped down to her breast
pulling her closer to stop the shudder.

Please sir, stop. I am too weak
to fight
Please sir, any other day
but not tonight.

I am weak from hunger
hurting from fatigue
I can’t stand it any longer!
Please, find someone in your league.

Hours later she lays staring blankly at the sky
Blue and White uniform in shreds.
Her last prayer already heard up high
blood encrusted in bobby socks and dreads.

Finally the gnawing stops and the shudder fades
She lays tranquil, her pleading in vain.

He quietly walks away, thinking about the day
he helped bring her into the world.
now, she will never see another day.
Please sir, no – not today!

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