Your Wedding Plans – When A Pandemic Gives You Lemons, Spike Your Lemonade!

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With the current pandemic, many brides, who were planning on getting married in Jamaica are now in a state of distress. Many weddings have had to be cancelled as countries all over the world have gone into lockdown. We want to spread positivity and we want all brides to know that this is not the end and many opportunities can arise from this setback! Let us use this time to ensure a magical wedding.  Once life goes back to normal, both you and your guests will be anxious for social interaction and reasons to celebrate life.

Take the time to save up for those upgrades you wanted: This can be the perfect time to save up for the upgrades you wanted to add to your wedding! Upgrades can make your wedding day even more memorable. Some upgrades may include adding more flowers, booking a private venue, or upgraded décor.

Use the time to see who really had your back: It is in these times of crisis that we see who really had our best interest at heart. You have had an extended period of time to see which people are the most trustworthy, dependable, and helpful. Since this is likely revealed by the postponement, you can begin to make changes to your guest list and even your wedding party.

You may benefit from travel/vendor incentives: Some venues will use this time to do upgrades that they did not have the time to do before. You might be able to benefit from these new upgrades. Your Wedding Planner/Travel Agent may even be able to find better rates for your new date.

You now have more time to spend with your significant other: Many brides and grooms to be are so busy with their jobs and the wedding planning that they barely find adequate time to spend with each other. They never had the opportunity to just slow down and connect with each other. Take this time to connect with your significant other and spend quality time together. You might create a bond much stronger than before.  You may find the time to add some personalized details such as learning a new dance routine.

Connect with your friends and family: With all the wedding planning details, many brides never had a chance to connect with family and friends and tell them how much they appreciate them. Take this time to have those long conversations with all the persons you valued enough to invite to your wedding. Catch up on each other’s lives and create even stronger relationships.  We are lucky to have access to social media/video applications which can facilitate this even while staying home.

Take this time to get healthy and in shape: Have you been working so hard that you have been missing out on those exercise routines? This is the perfect time to catch up. If you needed to lose or gain 10 pounds to fit perfectly in your wedding dress, then use this time to do so. Also, if you needed to change your face routine,  due to breakouts, this is your chance.

If you are part of an essential service:  If your job is considered an essential service then, you may be working a lot of overtime during this time and finally get approval for the extended honeymoon you wanted once everything is back to normal.

Let us use this time to create positive outcomes. Dwelling on the negative will not change the circumstances, however, taking the time to upgrade your health and wedding can create new opportunities.

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