“Yuh body right eeeee!” – What’s the perfect body?

What Is The Perfect Body Size

If I may quote the modern Jamaican poet known popularly as Aidonia, “Yuh body right eeeee!” In that single statement a mouthful is said and I’ll elaborate but before I do, be forewarned. You may not agree with my perspective here. That is alright with me. The ideology from which the opinions expressed here are formed dictates that counter opinions must exist and are even required to for the validation of the opposing point. After all, who can marga if nuh body nuh mampy?

Let’s explore size, shape and the insignificance of the significance we place on these measurements culturally. What’s the perfect body? Does an absolute quantifiable answer to this question even exist? Is it that hourglass or Coca-Cola bottle shape? Is it muscular, toned with a “V” below the abs? Is it pleasantly plump or wire thin enough to dance between raindrops? It’s none of these. It’s all of these. It depends. Your ability to follow me down this train of thought also depends. It depends on what you accept as fact. Again, being intelligent allows for the acceptance of counterpoints possessing at the least, potential merit. Read with an open mind.

From my humble perspective, it’s not about preference or external expectations but purpose. It’s a calibration between physical health and spiritual awareness. The body is only the vessel for the eternal being. It’s purpose is to carry the spirit to fulfill it’s designated assignment in what we know as the physical world. This may or may not be determined by the physical attributes of that body and it having the ability to perform optimally the previously mentioned assignment. The function however proceeds and should therefore dictate the form.

You may be big and fat but have the role of someone that size, shape and weight to play. You may be killing yourself to gain weight in the right places but be going against your purpose to squeeze between a narrow opening somewhere. You most likely won’t realize it when the defining moment of who you are physically and spiritually come to convergence. It may only be once in your lifetime. It may happen everyday. Always remember, you’re here for a purpose and who you are was chosen before you were thought of by your parents. The body you possess is nothing but the clay where the etheric meets the kinetic. My point? Try not to get too wound up about it.

All of that having been said, it would be disingenuous of me to act as if I’ve come to a zen like state with regards to my own physiology. I’ve taken measures as of late to alter my own health and appearance by changing the what I eat trying to be a bit more active. I encourage anyone who is pursuing related goals to continue on their path so long as these goals are attainable within reason and are sought after safely. Life is full of surprises and variety which as we all know is the spice of life. WE are the main ingredient that spice. Love yourself and love others as you wish to be loved and judge neither by appearance. Since you didn’t design it, you’re in poor position to know the difference between it’s flaws and it’s specialized features. When all is said and done, each form will find it’s function.

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GLeNN BLaKK is professional DJ/MC by trade. Touring and performing as a part of New Vision Sound and backing artists such as Lt. Stitchie, Alexander Star, Ghost, Chino McGregor and more. He's a Jamaican/American with a passion for the art and culture of Jamaica, Reggae Music, Comedy, God and Family. He also would like anyone in south florida with excess mangos, preferably those which are perfectly ripe, to contact him for assistance with their relocation and consumption.