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Travel Advice Q & A: I want to feel the Olympic vibe while I am there. Where is the best place to go Montego Bay or Kingston?

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We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  Help answer question a Jamaica travel question from an email we received: I am twenty year old backpacker traveling from London to Jamaica this summer during the Olympics. I want to feel the Olympic vibe while I am there. Where is the best place to go Montego Bay or Kingston? Any suggestion on pubs I should visit to watch the Olympics with the locals?


K. Elliott – ‎Cuddy’z SportsBar best place to be during the olympics

G. Lewis – Usain Tracks n bolts or Cuddyz

D. Downer – Margaritaville Montego Bay, Twisted kilt Montego Bay, Jamaican Bobsled Cafe Montego Bay..

M. Banks – KINGSTON. asylum. strawberry hill.

T. Toc – I would say they stay home as that is where the olympics will be held ?

A. Di Starr – Jamaica full a vibes enu…You will definitely feel the Olympic vibe no matter which parish yuh deh….

C. Farren – Montego bay

T Kastris – Go to negril…great little place for backpackers owned and operated by a Brit calledJudy’s House Cottages & Rooms

….great grounds, great hospitality, and great rate!

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  • Claire Featherstone

    Wow, I personally don’t like Adeles voice and won’t listen to her music but this song sung this way is amazing. It just goes to show it’s not the song that can attract people the voice really has a lot to do with it

    • Sabretruthtiger

      Adele has an amazing voice, WTF have you got in your ears?
      this girl is a great talent but don’t like Adele’s voice? (shakes head)

    • Kenji

      You may be confusing her voice with her taste in material or production.

  • Beautiful. Very talented girl. X

  • Omnipitous

    Better than Adele. You go girl.

  • Raa Ward-Te Pere

    Awesome very talented better than adel must say

    • Charlie

      How can she possibly be better? If she was better she wouldn’t have to imitate Adele. Besides anything with a reggae beat is boss!

  • heybabe1371

    this version gave me goosebumps… stunningly soulful…

  • Niall Ridgeway

    Wow. That is horrendous.
    How can anyone enjoy this squauky computer generated nonsense?

    • markus

      what was with the autotune in this? i dont get it, why ruin a perfectly good voice? smh

  • kelster55

    Could listen to them over and over again.

    • Listening2all

      Me too and I am and sharing it too. This girl and her brother have to put out an album wow what absolute beautiful voices and sound.

  • Murindi

    The only bad thing about this is it doesn’t go long enough, i could just listen to it all day. Very nice, beautiful voices!

  • Hey Kid


    Also, “Slaughter”… really? Come on, use some better adjectives!

  • TK

    This is good but slaughter also means butcher or bad. Please use better adjectives. It’s not helping her by using wrong choice of word.

  • markus

    she would have been fine without the autotune, i mean really do we need to be using this for kids that have voices already?

    • Martin Grooms

      It’s actually technically for people who “have voices already.” When Antares developed Autotune, I don’t think their intention was for people to run rampant with it. There are certainly ways to tweak the parameters in favor of smoothing out naturally flat or sharp notes without having to punch in and out (risking sounding somewhat erratic in delivery) and without having to run through multiple takes just to get one “perfect.” Autotune is a great tool for studio musicians who are putting together industry standard records, but as with anything else, when something is abused it generally starts to lose it’s effect.

  • James Mesidor

    how can i get this tune?

  • Safia Seivwright

    Lovely. One sure shot for SETV. BOOM all the way.

  • Kenji

    “14-year-old girl”, and “the Solomon Islands”you mean. Yeah, I was expecting something raw and real. Just the opposite, sadly.

    • Andre Fión Góngora

      Performed by Rodesha and Conkarah.

  • Linda CMcG

    I love this.

  • Alekisanita Loloa

    Does anyone know this girls full name? If you do please share. Tank you in advance!

    • Andre Fión Góngora

      Rodesha and Conkarah.

  • Zeroed Out

    Yet still better than anything Justin Bieber’s ever done.

  • J5A

    I can hear autotune on the harmony back up but not her voice. She’s got a great voice.

    • Paul Jarvis

      Autotune is all over her voice.

  • Wilma Gibson Villines

    I thought she did very well…..especially for a 14 year old !!!

  • Paul Jarvis

    Am I the only one that can hear the Autotune here? It’s an affront to my hearing.

    • Marie Prince

      That’s what I thought too! I hate that thing.

  • Vlad Impaler

    i………………. i cant get the minutes back……………………. i been robbed bro.

  • Steve Downs

    I am a ex Reggae DJ and I have to say this is not that great. It sounds too sharp and the girl should have had a single vocal track not the overpowering backing vocals as well. Adele is a fabulously talented professional singer and can sing live as well as studio. It is totally unfounded to compare the two.

    • Marie Prince

      it sounds like autotune to me, no?
      Anyway, she’s cute, she must be stoked to be viral.

  • Unkle Amurica

    Slaughter, Murder…….means WRECK….RUIN…..Honestly, yanks and the lack of thought they put into what they are saying!

  • Gigi

    Is there a way to download this on iTunes?

  • PI

    Autotune hell. Maybe she can sing, and maybe not. We won’t know from this; that’s for sure.

  • Teflon_Tony

    Auto tune, terrible. They did anything but ‘slaughter’ this track. If you want to see a good cover go Listen to Joes’ version. Way better

  • Ish Tar

    auto tune because they can’t hit the notes, period point blank

  • JD

    She is going to go Viral .. already several people shared her song on my Facebook !! Keep going girl your awesome! !

  • Donna Simone Plamondon

    autotune 🙁

  • Captain Australia

    Nevermind that it’s autotuned to fuck…

  • jonesy53

    love this!

  • peggy

    cant stop playing it. love the pair of them xxxx

  • Angela Ryan

    Wow…..beautiful voices….I could listen and listen to these guys 🙂

  • peggy

    omg i love you both xxx