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Simple, inexpensive and creative ways of pampering your mate this Valentine’s Day

Written by Wayne A.Powell

Here are 18 simple, inexpensive and creative ways of pampering your mate this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Call your mate at work/ home just to say “ I love you”
  • Offer your mate a shoulder /neck/ foot/full body massage
  • Offer to cook, wash the car or do some household chore that is usually done by the other partner
  • Take a break from the boys/girls/work and go home early to spend some quality time with your mate
  • Take your spouse for a ride and buy a rose for him/her
  • Treat your mate to his/her favourite meal
  • Go for a walk in the park and just talk with your spouse allowing him/her to set the agenda
  • Call the radio/tv station and send Valentine’s  greetings to your spouse
  •  Compose a piece of poetry dedicated to your spouse
  • Sing a song at a Karaoke session dedicated to your spouse
  • Hug and kiss your spouse morning, noon and night
  • Go out to see a play, movie, go to the beach or take a drive to the country
  • Do an errand e.g. pick up the grocery items, children etc
  •  Sit with your mate and watch an old video while you both eat popcorn
  • Give a gift of love voucher e.g. full body massage, backrubs, specific errands
  • Take her/him to the photo studio and take a couple’s portrait
  • Hide a card/gift in her/his bag/brief case to surprise her/him

About the writer:
Wayne A. Powell is a Relationship Counsellor. He operates and Online counselling website which provides a convenient way for both client and therapist to engage with each other from home or office at a time that is expedient to them.You can email him at: [email protected]

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