Miss Missy of Jamaica

Book Description
In a world full of prejudice, you won’t want to miss this story of a beautiful three-year-old from Jamaica and her “American” Mommy. Two hands–one black and one white–touch. Two hearts full of love touch and this love will last a lifetime. This is the story of one love, one heart, one blood. A love that will last a lifetime.


About the Author
Marilyn R. Beverley is president and owner of Motivate…Resolve…Believe. She is a motivational speaker and workshop presenter. She has been a leader of several organizations, including President of the Michigan Association of Hospital Auxiliaries, and organization of over 26,000 members. She has written several articles and is co-author of the book Jesus in Jamaica…Blessed Love. She has a passion for God and His purpose in her life. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior, Michigan with her husband Leonard. She has worked in the insurance profession and is an independent missionary.

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