Jamaican Books: "Jesus In Jamaica…Blessed Love"

Jesus In Jamaica…Blessed Love”
By: Marilyn R. Beverley and Raymond C. Barrette

A story of the people of Jamaica, The majestic land of Jamaica, And their faith.


Book Description

The journey began as a vacation, I did not want to go. My husband said, “Go, you’ve earned it! My co-worker and I were off. Mr. Raymond Barrette, tour guide at Half Moon Equestrian Center, took us on a tour of Montego Bay. God let me see with His eyes, people who do not know the love of Jesus. I felt a call to return to this land–Jamaica. At an early age I made a commitment to God to go to the mission field. Thirty years later, after raising a family, with the blessings of my husband, I returned to Jamaica in answer to that call. I saw the majesty of God in this land. I felt His power being the only white person in the community I was accepted. These people truly looked beyond the color of my skin to my heart changing it forever. There are so many who do not know of Jesus, the salvation He offers so freely. It’s our prayer that hearts will be changed through the pages of this book, and the steps that my friend and guide, Mr. Barrette, and I have taken on this journey.

About the Authors

Marilyn R. Beverley has been a leader in several organizations, including President of the Michigan Association of Hospital Auxiliaries and organization of over 26,000 members of volunteers. She has written several articles, presented workshops and given keynote speeches. She has a passion for God and His purpose in her life. She enthusiastically shares all that she has learned. She is a native of Kentucky and most recently was appointed “Kentucky Colonel” by Governor Patton of Kentucky for her outstanding service to her city, state nation and the world. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her husband, Leonard. She has worked in the insurance profession and as an independent missionary.

Raymond C .Barrette has worked in the tourist industry for ten years in Jamaica. He is a native of Jamaica being born in St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies. He grew up in Trelawney, Sherwood Content and now resides in Half Moon, Jamaica. He has a great love for God, his family which includes many nieces and nephews, and his country. His love for God and his country shine through his work as a tour guide at the Half Moon Equestrian Center in Jamaica.

Free Preview:

Chapter 12 – “A Leader”

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20

What is a leader? Websters’ dictionary defines a leader “as one who or that which goes ahead or in advance. One who acts as a guiding force”. So then what is leadership? Once again, Websters’ dictionary defines leadership as “the office, position, or capacity of a leader; guidance; ability to lead, exert authority.”

I became acquainted with Mr. Godfrey Dyer through an old family friend, Andy Morrision. Andy Morrison is quite active in Kiwanis and has served as a regional governor, once I told Andy I was going back to Jamaica to Montego Bay, he gave me contacts with the Kiwanis Clubs in Montego Bay. Mr. Godfrey Dyer is serving as the National President of the Kiwanis Club Foundation. Once I arrive in Montego Bay I contact Mr. Dyer via phone and set up a time to meet with him. He is the owner/manager of “The Wexford – Montego Bay’s Finest Inn”.

This man works full time and volunteers full time. His volunteer service had taken him all over the world. He puts in endless hours as a volunteer leader.

Mr. Dyer is a man of many talents and has used the talents that God has given him to make this world a better place for many.

This brings to my mind the story of the Master giving the talents to his servants. “And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one: to every man according to his several ability: and straightway took his journey.” Matthew 25:15. This is the way it is in life. God has given each of us talents to be used for his glory, to bear fruit. Jesus took his journey back to heaven and is awaiting our arrival. Upon arrival He will ask each of us, “Where are your talents?” Let us hope and pray that we can say, “I have none left, I used everything you gave to me.” May God bless you Mr. Dyer in your work and as you continue to volunteer and make a difference in this world where God has placed you.

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