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Shaggy: Dogamuffin Style is the first biography of multi-platinum selling pop-reggae star Orville Richard Burrell. The most popular and commercially successful reggae performer since the late great Bob Marley, Shaggy’s birth name has long receded into the backdrop but the reggae rhythms of his native Jamaica still ring clearly in his chart-topping tunes such as “Oh Carolina”, “Angel” and “It Wasn’t Me”. Shaggy: Dogamuffin Style recounts the rise of ‘Mr. Boombastic’ to musical superstardom, from his childhood in Kingston, Jamaica and teen years in Flatbush, Brooklyn, to his days in the studio and as a marine serving in the Gulf War.

Although most journalists label Shaggy a “rapper”, author Micah Locilento recognizes that Shaggy’s story cannot be divorced from the history of reggae itself. Following Shaggy’s career from the dark dancehalls of Brooklyn to the bright lights of the world stage, Locilento is meticulous in providing a fascinating introduction to the rich history of reggae, at the same time offering a glimpse into the life of the man behind the music. Taking into account the influence of roots acts like Bob Marley, soundsystem “deejays” (the Jamaican equivalent of rap MCs) and the explosive culture of the Jamaican dancehall, Locilento presents a detailed portrait of the music that Shaggy has brought to the ears of the masses.

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Micah Locilento is an obsessive reggae fan, collector and DJ. A Montreal-based writer and editor, he holds a Master’s degree in English literature. His love of reggae has inspired an enthusiasm for all forms of West Indian cultural production.

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