10 Ways to Say You Love Your Jamaican Valentine

10 Ways to Say You Love Your Jamaican Valentine

Jamaicans are unique in their approach to many things and Valentine’s Day is no exception. While our economic situation may prevent us from being able to splurge on expensive gift items, we are not limited when it comes to our imagination, plus the Jamaican man is known to have a ‘sweet mouth’. If you’ve ever been romanced by one, you may or may not have received a note, or text, or some conversation along the following lines:

  1. Mi love yuh like how Jesus love likkle children. This one is self-explanatory and is supposed to convey the passion of a man in love.
  1. The more traditional express their feelings this way – Roses are red, violets are blue and I know I’ll never find another like you.
  1. Baby, when mi see yuh lata, mi a guh gi’ you x amount o’ lovin’. Since x is a variable and/or unknown component, the ‘x amount’ promised by a Jamaican lover man has never been quantified.
  1. A text telling you how sexy your Valentine finds you may be written this way – Girl, you’re like di National Anthem. Yuh mek mi stand at attention.
  1. If you’ve really made an impression and if your guy is adventurous, or perhaps is into masochism, he may whisper sweet nothings like, “Di way mi love yuh, mi woulda climb a macca tree naked fi yuh, eh nuh.
  1. Those with a sweet tooth have been known to use food to describe their love for their women. “Baby, di way yuh sweet, mi woulda add yuh to mi porridge.
  1. Every Jamaican woman has been the recipient of this staple at one time or another, “Baby, mi love yuh like how mi love cook food.
  1. A love-struck man who lays his eyes on a pretty woman has been known to utter these words. “The Lord is my shepherd. I see what I want.”
  2.  Or he may be at a loss for words and can only come up with, “Jah know, baby, mi woulda deh wid yuh!”
  1. A ‘school youth’ who hasn’t yet developed his skills may approach a young lady and say something like, “Baby, yuh come een like mi Maths test, mi couldn’t pass yuh.

And there are other ways your love interest may show his appreciation for you.

  1. You may be bowled over by your man’s wit and caring nature when he texts you to ask, “Baby, yuh nuh tyad? You just a run through mi mind di whole day!
  1. Voicemail also hits the spot. At least one enterprising man has been known to leave the chorus of the Louis Jordan original, Is you Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby on his ladylove’s phone a la the Tom and Jerry love skit.
  1. And there are plainspoken men who will tell it exactly how they see it, Valentine’s day or not – “Baby, mi love yuh like how hog love mud, like how fire love dry bush, and how fly love sh*t.”

10 Ways to Say You Love Your Jamaican Valentine

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