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10 Ways to Be Forty-Plus and Fa-bu-lous

It is said that life begins at forty. I don’t know who coined this adage, but I absolutely agree! At 50 plus, I am feeling way better than when I was in my 20s. In fact, I am feeling fabulous!

For most persons this is the time when you are settled in a career, the children are older (maybe have left home) and you have more time for yourself. This should be an exciting time to rediscover you.

Here are a few more tips to become fabulous:

1. Lots of Intimacy.
If you are single, it’s time to find a new partner. Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you don’t need love in your life, or the same physical and emotional intimacy as when you were younger, in fact, you need it more now! There are lots of lonely middle-aged persons out there looking for love.

For persons who are married, a relationship with lots of intimacy will help to keep you mentally and physically fit, in fact, it is the key to a younger you. So, keep the bedroom hot! For women who may be going through menopause and are facing challenges due to diminished hormones, there are lots of herbal and medicinal remedies available, so visit your medical or naturopathic doctor.  This will help to put the ‘zest’ back into your life.  Men, you should also visit your doctor if you are having erectile dysfunction problems or any other health-related issues.

2. Pamper yourself.
You deserve it! It is important for both men and women to make an effort to look and feel attractive, especially if you are single and trying to attract a partner, or just for yourself.

3. Laugh.
Laugh a lot! Laughter is the best medicine. Keep company with people who make you happy and laughter will come naturally.

4. Eat plenty of fresh and whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eat less meat, and drink lots of water.
Move from canned or frozen to fresh food. Skip all the processed, additives, fake and fast food and eat actual foods instead. Don’t forget to take your vitamins!

5. Move your body.
Do this either by taking long walks, going to the gym, doing yoga or doing aerobics (unless you are physically challenged). Do whatever you can do, push yourself a bit and trust me, you will feel better!

6. Wear age appropriate clothes, jewelry, and makeup.
I am not saying to wear dowdy clothes, but women, don’t wear short skirts–just above or just below the knee is okay. Men do not wear tight trousers or shirts. For women, simple classy earrings can jazz up the most casual outfit. Go for a softer natural glossy lipstick as the darker the lipstick, the deeper the wrinkles appear. As you get older, shorter hair is better and will give you a younger look.

7. Take care of your skin.
Start by exfoliating to get rid of the tired dead skin and allow the fresh vibrant skin to shine! Visit a herbal store and learn about the natural products that are available that are just as effective, and even better and not as expensive as their alternatives. Remember to use lots of moisturizer, especially if you live in cold climates.

8. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages, take drugs or smoke.
These activities will add years to your appearance.

9. Take care of your teeth.
Visit the dentist as often as possible. Put in dentures if you must, or caps on unattractive teeth.

10. Pray and worship often.
Fellowship and spend quality time with persons of the same faith.

Being 40 and older doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun, or that you should start planning your funeral. As long as you make an effort to take care of yourself, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look forward to a happy, fulfilled, older and fabulous you.

Olive Patricia Ellis is a Relationship Consultant with training in Counselling Psychology. She has successfully provided relationship guidance to singles who need help in dating and other relationship issues, couples who are engaged, or couples whose relationships have “lost the loving feeling”.

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