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11 Amazing Benefits of Naseberry that you Should Know


The Naseberry is so much more than just a fruit. The official name is Sapodilla/Sapota but the fruit is known as Nasberry to Jamaicans and those in the Caribbean. The flesh is deliciously sweet, contains electrolytes and antioxidants, aids in collagen production, and has an extensive array of health benefits. Millions of visitors to Jamaica encounter the Naseberry for the first time but have not discovered the many benefits contained in the fuzzy-skinned fruit. Here are 11 Amazing Benefits of Nasberry that you Should Know:

1. Anti-inflammatory
The Naseberry has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help those with coughs, congestion, mucus and phlegm that accompanies colds, along with other types of viral infections and fever.

2. Bones
Naseberry has a significant calcium content that’s beneficial for growing children as their bones develop and for older individuals that are at risk for osteoporosis.

3. Digestion
The soft, grainy flesh is a rich source of fiber that helps regulate the digestive system, helps with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and for bloating and constipation.

4. Energy
The body converts food and drink into energy to function. Naseberry contains beneficial carbohydrates that help fuel the body with the energy needed to stay active.

11 Amazing Benefits of Nasberry that you Should Know

5. Kidneys
Naseberry is a natural diuretic that helps the kidneys remove toxins through urination and it may even aid in preventing or dissolving kidney stones.

6. Eyes
Naseberry helps nourish and promote eye health through its high levels of vitamin A.

7. Iron
The fruit can aid in warding off anemia that manifest as chronic fatigue, weakness, paleness, chest pain, brittle nails, cold hands and feet, poor appetite, and unusual cravings. Iron helps create red blood cells for health.

8. Magnesium
Muscle aches and pains can often be caused of a lack of the trace mineral magnesium, a substance that Nasberry has in ample supply. It also aids in regulating blood pressure and circulation.

9. Mental Health
Stressed nerves, depression and anxiety can be calmed with Nasberry due to its sedative properties derived from tannin, thereby promoting better sleep and a sense of well-being.

10. Metabolism
Naseberry is a natural way to boost metabolism, allowing the body to use what’s consumed more efficiently.

11. Oral Health
Incorporating Naseberry into the daily diet can help in the fight against tooth decay and cavities.

Serious Conditions
The Naseberry has a variety of health benefits when consumed regularly and it’s advantageous for the skin and hair as a soap or shampoo. However, if serious or chronic health-related conditions exist, individuals should always consult a healthcare professional.

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Note: Some people spell and pronounce the fruit as Nasberry

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