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11 Questions with Bunny Rugs Clarke from the Third World Band

Bunny Rugs

William “Bunny Rugs” Clarke was born February 6 in Mandeville, Jamaica.  After working with small bands, and a short stint with Inner Circle, Bunny Rugs was invited to become lead vocalist/guitarist and songwriter for Third World in the mid-’70s. In the late ’80s, Bunny began a solo career on the side.  Rugs, as he is affectionately known, is credited with having one of the most distinctive voices in reggae music.  Bunny’s latest solo effort is the CD Time, set for full release this summer.  Three singles are available online now.  Bunny Rugs and Third World are currently on a world tour. 

1. When and where did you get started in the actual music business?

In Jamaica, at the Kittymat club on Maxfield Ave, in Kingston. “Sweet Caroline” was on the charts in Jamaica for weeks.

2. Who were your early influences?

Nat King Cole

3. What is your current project?  Or what do you have planned?

To promote my new solo album “TIME” and Third World’s new album “Patriots” worldwide.


4.Where is your largest fan base located, and why?

The Caribbean Islands, been taking our music there for years and it’s close to home (Jamaica).

5. What has been your most memorable career moment and why?

 Performing in Africa for the first time…it’s AFRICA.


6. What has been your biggest challenge professionally?

To be with the same band members for, and keep us together, for 38 years.


7. If you could collaborate with any artist, of any genre, who would it be and why?

Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana. I worked with them before and they’re the best.

8. If you only had time left to perform one last song, what would it be and why?

“African Woman” because she’s still in the struggle.


9. If you could change one thing in the reggae music business, what would it be and why?

The way Reggae business is conducted by Reggae managers.  To most of them it’s a hobby, to the artist it’s serious business.


10. Here’s your chance to thank someone who has been instrumental in your career, who would that be and why?

My Mother “MAMA LENA,” she kept me on the straight and narrow.


11. Tell us one thing about yourself that your fans do not know.

 I’m a neat freak and I’m always on TIME.

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