11-Year-Old Gives Back to Jamaican Frontline Health Care Workers Fighting COVID-19

At age 11, Tajana Gardner is already writing and recording her own music, and giving back from the sale of her music. The Ardenne Preparatory School student donated cases of juice and water to the staff at the isolation ward at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester on Friday, February 12.

“Donating to the hospital was a pleasure and a very good experience. Helping the sick and those in need made me realize that it doesn’t matter how small it is, it is appreciated by all. For me, this pushes me to work harder so that I can help others in the future, God’s willing” Tajana said.

Teleisha Mitchell, mother of Tajana, whose musical moniker is Lil Kish explained that her daughter who has released three singles and written more than 17 songs, is a very compassionate child, who likes to help.

“She touched my heart when she said Mommy I know the money is not a lot but I am going to buy what it can buy. As parents we just have to encourage our children. Last year she wrote the song about corona and said she wants it to play on the radio and we went to the studio and recorded it” Ms. Mitchell explained.

“The COVID situation has been stressing to her and she wrote a song about it detailing how it has impacted the lives of children. She doesn’t like suffering and she doesn’t like to see people in pain. She is very ambitious also and she is easily motivated” Ms. Mitchell added.

She noted that her daughter’s musical journey is a family affair as she is supported by her father Krishna Gardner, two siblings and other family members.

The staff at the isolation ward expressed their appreciation for Lil Kish’s kind and warm gesture, noting that it was heartwarming to see that at her age, she is thinking about making tangible donations to healthcare workers who are on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.