Mr. 2003

Q: Tell us about your reaction when you heard you had won

I was filled with enthausiasm. I felt proud in a way too. Of course, I answered the contest questions honestly, and this meant that there were people out there who respected my point of veiw on these matters.

I was also suprised as my fellow boardites who also entered, were tough contestants ! Intellegent and funny too.

Let me just say that my repsect towards them has grown through this contest and I hope everyone else gained (more) repect for these boardites too as we got to know them as they are.

Q: When you first heard about the contest what did you think?

I thought it was a great idea. It is something to keep the board as informative as it is and, at the same time, making it a fun place to hang out. I didn’t know I could win a nice t-shirt, so that came as a suprise. It was fun to participate.

Q: Why did you enter the contest?

As I was fairly new to the board (I only joined a few months ago), I thought it was a good opportunity to let the rest of the family know who I am, and what I stand for. Another reason is, as I already mentioned, that I think these fun contests help make it a great board. It is an important ingredient next to the informative, to make this site as successful as it is now!

Q: Have you gotten any feedback from other boardites?

On winning the contest you mean? Yes, I got some nice messages from my friends at the “On The Move” forum (can’t help to promote 🙂 and also from
the Ms., of course.

Q: What does being Mr. mean to you?

To tell the world that this place is not just another board, but a special board. It is a place to get useful information, to have fun, to meet interesting people, to share experiences, to show pictures (keep ’em coming please ;-)) and even to pray.

Q: What would you like to see in the next contest?

More of those beautiful ladies! 🙂 Ok, seriously, maybe it would be appropiate to test the contestants’ knowledge about Jamaica and about the
board itself, with some questions.

Q: Did you have any idea you would become a part of the board?

No, as I said, it was pure fun for me when I decided to enter.

Q: What were thoughts of the bulletin board when first visited?

Well, I was searching around the net for anything concerning moving to Jamaica. I didn’t know about (or for example) before. While I was searching, I ended up at the On The Move forum. I was pretty excited about my finding. When I found out later, that it was just one of many fora, I KNEW that this was the place to be for me. So, all in all, I was very relieved to find a site which had the potential to answer a lot of my questions.

Q: Where in the world are you located?

I am born in the Netherlands, which is located in the West of Europe (near Belgium, Germany, UK, France) and I still live there now and hopefully not for too long, so I can find a place in Jamaica though 🙂 . It’s a nice country and most people are not that bad. Unfortunately, the weather here isn’t that great… a lot of rain most of the time. 🙁 Although this year’s summer was very hot for a long time — about 4 months, which is extraordinary for this country…

Q: What advice do you have for Mr and Ms contestants for next year?

Be yourself. This goes for any occasion you might run into. Just be yourself, and you will be alright!