15 Jamaican Christmas Gifts You Must Buy

The holidays are a special time to remind your Jamaican friends and family of the vibrant culture they hold dear, including those who are feeling homesick. Jamaican culture, known for its lively spirit and rich traditions, offers a wealth of gift ideas that can bring a piece of the island to those living afar. And our friends at GiftMe, Grocery List Jamaica and CaribShopper offer some recommendations on 15 thoughtful Jamaican Christmas gifts that will surely resonate with the heart and soul of your Jamaican friends and family members this holiday.


Clarks: These shoes are a staple in Jamaican culture, with even a Dancehall song dedicated to them by Vybz Kartel.  It’s perfect for the stylish Jamaican male in your life.


Dominoes Set: In Jamaica, dominoes is not just a game; it’s a cornerstone of social life. Almost every corner shop and family gathering has a domino table, and the game is often associated with fond memories and competitive spirit.


Dried Sorrel: Sorrel drink is definite for  Jamaican Christmas celebrations. Gifting dried sorrel allows your Jamaican friends to make this spicy, traditional beverage.

Lasco Case: Lasco is a unique, milky food drink essential to many Jamaican beverages. It’s often missed abroad, especially when enjoying cereals or shakes.

Jamaican Snack Box (Sunshine Snacks): Sunshine Snacks are a primary snack provider in Jamaica. A box of their favorites would be a nostalgic and tasty treat.


Dutchie Pot Set: Essential for the Jamaican kitchen, these pots provide the perfect heat for an even cook, something a culinary enthusiast would greatly appreciate.

Ludo Board (Jamaica Parishes Edition): A personalized take on this classic game with a Jamaican twist.

Dancehall Mix CD/Playlist: Since music is everywhere in Jamaica, a playlist or CD of Jamaican music can fill the silence and bring a piece of the island’s ever-present melodies to their new environment.

Unique Jamaican Jewelry: Jewelry with Jamaican motifs can be a stylish and meaningful gift. Something they can carry around with them to remind them of home.

Bridget Sandals: Almost every Jamaican woman adores these sandals. Gifting a pair to someone who never had the chance to own them before migrating will undoubtedly bring joy.

Box of Jamaican Patties: A box of Juici or Tastee patties, complete with bun and cheese, is like sending a piece of Jamaica’s culinary heart.

Unique Jamaican Merchandise: Items with accurate Jamaican slangs like “Yaardie” or “Yaad Gyal” can be fun for them to wear or carry around.

Blue Mountain Coffee Scented Candles: For those missing the smell of Jamaica’s famous coffee, these candles are perfect.

Jamaican Cookbook: A cookbook filled with Jamaican recipes can help recreate the flavors of home.

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These gifts are thoughtful ways to show how much you understand and appreciate the rich culture of Jamaica, offering your friend or family member a comforting piece of their beloved homeland.  But don’t wait until the last minute, shop GiftMe, Grocery List Jamaica and CaribShopper today!