150 Nurses Lauded; Encouraged to Continue Excellence

In an effort to motivate and encourage excellence in performance among the largest group in the health sector, nurses, the Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH) recently lauded 150 nurses for their dedication and committed service.

Director of Nursing Services at the Hospital, Ms. Angela Thomas noted that amid the comprehensive and rapid changes affecting the nursing profession, the MRH has been making a concerted effort to keep its nurses motivated.

Speaking at an awards ceremony on Friday, January 27 on the hospital grounds, Ms. Thomas noted that several initiatives have been undertaken including: health expositions for nurses; award ceremonies; a framework to embody the performance of the nursing practice and to motivate the nursing spirit in addition to the establishment of a quality assurance committee to monitor and audit the nursing practice within the hospital.

The Director of Nursing Services pointed out that other initiatives include training and educational sessions for nurses; training and recruitment of additional staff and a nursing symposium to encourage enhanced care delivery skills within the nursing profession. She added that the number of nurses accessing training in critical areas of service have also been boosted which has contributed to improved quality care.

“It is very critical that our nurses be recognized for planning, implementing and evaluating healthcare nationally, regionally and locally. This is particularly important in a time of complex changes in the health services” Ms. Thomas said.

She added that despite the challenges and the achievements, the hospital will continue to provide opportunities to boost the morale of its nurses and to also improve the services offered by nurses.

CEO of the MRH, Mr. Alwyn Miller added that commitment and long service should not be taken lightly and “so we should recognize those exceptional attributes of our team members including their loyalty which is to the betterment of our community and country.”

Mr. Miller told the nurses that even in difficult times, exceptional contribution to the hospital and its customers will always be respected and appreciated.

The ceremony was held under the theme, “Pathway to Excellence: A Salute to Performance” and recognized the nurses for exceptional and long service.

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