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20 Essential Jamaican Patois Phrases Translated to English

Essential Jamaican Patois Phrases Translated to English

Do you know how to say “Look at that” or “Wow” or “Take My Picture” in Jamaican? Do you have a Jamaican friend you want to communicate with or are you traveling to Jamaica? There is a heated debate amongst Jamaicans on whether “patois” (patwah) is a language or an English “dialect”.  If you don’t know Jamaican patois (patwah) it definitely sounds like another language.  Below is a list of 20 Essential Jamaican Patois phrases translated to English.

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  • Don’t bother me – Nuh Badda Mi
  • It is mine – A Fi Mi
  • Good Looking Girl – Criss Ting
  • Just a little – Jus a toops
  • Con Artist – Ginnal
  • Look at that – Coo Deh
  • Can you please – A Beg Yuh
  • Leave me Alone – Lef Mi
  • Oh My Gosh – Jessum Peace
  • Excuse Me – Jus a word
  • Can I pass – Beg yuh pass
  • Take Care – Walk Good
  • Hey there – Pssst
  • Turn there – tun deh so
  • Thank You – tanks
  • Girlfriend – Dawta
  • Fantastic – Irie
  • Children – Pickney
  • Father – Fahda
  • Mother – Madda
  • Right here – yahso
  • I am okay – ya man
  • Serve you just right – ah good
  • Wow – Blouse an skirt
  • Bonus: Take my picture – “Tek Mi Picha”
  • Bonus: Happy Birthday – Happy Earth Strong


20 Essential Jamaican Phrases Translated to English

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