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25 Words and Phrases Jamaicans Use When They Don’t Want to Curse

Words and Phrases Jamaicans Use When They Don’t Want to Curse

There is a popular phrase that says “children live what they learn” – so the majority of adults try not to curse around children. You will find also that Christian adults do not use curse words, as well as young adults around elderly folks will try their best not to do so as well.

As an alternative, Jamaicans coin words or phrases to substitute for the curse word.

We have listed 25 words or phrases that Jamaicans use when they do not want to curse, along with examples of how they are used.

Words and Phrases Jamaicans Use When They Don’t Want to Curse
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  1. Backside/backfoot – a weh di backside/backfoot a gwaan ya suh?
  2. Tarra-tarrah – nuh mek me afi tell you bout yuh tarra-tarrah!
  3. Blow wow – a weh di blow-wow dis?
  4. Rahtid – nuh tell me dat a rahtid!
  5. Blouse n skirt – not one more noise inna dis blouse-n-skirt!
  6. Box cover – the sumn drop n bruk to boxcover
  7. Kiss me neck back – but kiss me neck back!
  8. Waranat – a wa di waranat yaa say to me?
  9. Mi granny – Mi granny! Den a dat yuh pick?
  10. Bird cage – Bird cage! A wha dat??
  11. Frigging/ Freaking – yuh too frigging/freaking lie.
  12. Rockstone – di bag heavy nuh rockstone.
  13. Rasta George – but a weh di rasta george a gwaan inna John shop!
  14. Falleetee – no mek me tell yuh, bout your falleetee enuh
  15. Blurrrtnaaat – Blurrrtnaaat me neva know say a suh you stay?!
  16. Wats-it-not – go play with yuh wats-it-not puppa!
  17. Kakafart – don’t mek me lick you inna yuh kakafart
  18. Dying trial – but yuh ever see me dying trial?
  19. Kirout – kirout from ya suh yaa man!
  20. Kuyah – but kuyah to nuh man!
  21. Almshouse – a bare almshouse unuh kippup enuh!
  22. Blinking / blasted – yuh get pon me blinking/blasted nerves sometimes.
  23. Cloth – no mek me affi cuss cloth in here today!
  24. Pus jook – di food nice nuh pus jook!
  25. Fenneh – if I lick yuh, yuh fenneh!

Words and Phrases Jamaicans Use When They Don't Want to Curse

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