5 Questions with Mark Henry Candidate for Global Jamaica Diaspora Council – Canada

Mark Henry was born in Kingston, Jamaica and attended Camperdown High School where he studied business. He migrated to Montreal, Canada at the age of 16 where he completed his High School studies. Mark continued his pursuit of a Business career at Vanier College where he received a Diploma in Business Studies and completed his education with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce at the University of Concordia in Montreal. During his search for full-time employment in his field of studies, Mark acquired a licence as a Real Estate agent which he practiced for 7 years and transitioned to a current part-time career as a Certified Financial Advisor.

Mark has also worked concurrently in the Material Handling and Supply Chain industry for the last 20 years and is currently the Regional Sales and Service Manager for Quebec and Eastern Ontario. He is currently the Vice President of the Jamaica Association of Montreal. Mark enjoys regular trips to Jamaica, singing gospel music and is an ordained minister at the Ebenezer Tabernacle Church.

What is your connection to Jamaica? Have you been involved in the Jamaica Diaspora Movement or Jamaican related organizations before?
My main connection to Jamaica is my annual visits to survey the landscape on the needs and how I can assist. I currently sponsor a young man with his studies at the Denham Town Primary School. I also recently attended the Diaspora conference this year in Kingston and this is the reason I would like to be apart of the Diaspora Council

If elected what will be your main goal in this role for your constituencies?
If elected, my main goal for my constituency is to leverage the opportunities in Jamaica and create a movement on how we can best assist the development of our native country

Many in the Jamaican community abroad don’t know much about the Jamaica Diaspora movement and its goals. What will you do to change this perception and get all Jamaicans in the Diaspora involved?
I strongly believe the diaspora would be more inclined to contribute more (not just to family members) if we were apart of the planning process in the development and proposed changes in Jamaica

Recently there have been some who have expressed concerns about not having a voice and too much government involvement in the new The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council format that is being adopted. Do you have any thoughts on this?
I too am concerned about not having a voice or vote in the direction of our country.

Is there a cohesive goal for the Jamaican Diaspora that people can rally around? The cohesive goal the Jamaican Diaspora can rally around is reducing the violence in Jamaican thereby encouraging the diaspora to return home to invest and settle at retirement.
The cohesive goal that the Montreal Diaspora would rally around is how best to reduce the crime rate so that more would be inclined to return how and spend earnings from Canada. This is the key to the successful growth and development of our country.

Thanks for your time and all the best in the election. Do you have any closing thoughts?
Thank you for the opportunity.