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5 Things You Never Knew About Rupee


Rupert Clarke, best known by his stage name Rupee, is a soca musician from Barbados. He has had so many hit soca singles. Rupee won Road March titles at carnivals in Barbados, New York City, Miami, Boston, and Toronto. His biggest international hit “Tempted to Touch“, enjoyed over two years of international club play, spreading to urban and pop radio in Toronto and Miami. “Tempted to Touch” led Rupee to a worldwide deal with Atlantic Records in December 2004. We caught up with Rupee as our team interviews a few of the artist who will be performing on the 2018 Love and Harmony cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Here are 5 things you did not know about Mr. Vegas.

1. Finish the following sentence “If I was not an entertainer I would be……
An owner of an Ad Agency. I have a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and worked for two of the region’s biggest agencies before doing music full time.

2. If you were stuck on a deserted island and given the choice of 2 albums to put on your music which artist would it be?
Luciano Live at Brixton Academy…this album has it all…artistry, ambiance, message, hits, vibe, talent, music, humility, control. So much power in this album. 2. Notorious BIG Life After Death…His ability to create visual imagery through words will be unmatched in our time, and he never wrote lyrics down on paper!

3. My favorite guilty pleasure is…
Ferrero Rocher (gold balls) Or Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate…but it must be refrigerated!

4. My Favorite Sports is…and my favorite team is…
Football…Liverpool for Life!

5. One simple action you think everyone could take to make the world a better place…
Wash your hands after you use the bathroom! I travel so much and the amount of people I see leaving the bathroom and not washing their hands is shocking and disgusting. People who don’t wash their hands have no respect for themselves or other people. They also don’t understand the importance of personal hygiene and how a lack of it can seriously impact other people. The sad thing is people who do this were raised by somebody who didn’t see the importance of teaching them this .

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