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9 Things You Did Not Know About DJ King Waggy Tee

DJ King Waggy Tee

We caught up with DJ King Waggy Tee as he is getting ready for the monthly Ultimate Sunday in South Florida this month. DJ, King Waggy Tee is known internationally as one of the Top Reggae/Dancell selectors and has been packing dancefloors for over 30 years. He has won numerous clashes and played alongside many of the top reggae DJ’s & sounds including Body Guard, David Rodigan, Afrique, Inner City, Metro Media, Addies, Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Renaissance, Poison Dart, Tony Matterhorn, Black Chiney, Code Red, Richie D and much more. Here are 9 things you did not know about DJ King Waggy Tee.

DJ King Waggy Tee

DJ King Waggy Tee

1. The first song I played at my first DJ gig was…
My first Song played at 1st gig I think was Bob Marley – One Love (at a fund raiser event)

2. Seven day, six night, all expense paid, my vacation destination is…
(Tokyo) Japan

3. Happiest childhood memory is…
My 1st trip with my parents to London (England), Hong Kong & Taipei Taiwan in 1975 after my 1st time passing the Common Entrance Exam to St. George’s College.

4. Finish the following sentence “If I was not DJ I would be…
I really don’t know because while going to College doing Business Admin I started DJing and still is DJing now.

5. If you were stuck on a deserted island and given the choice of 4 albums to put on your music player which artists would it be?
Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Michael Jackson

6.  My Favorite Sports is…and my favorite team is…
I am not really a sports person to tell you the truth to have a fav (None) Lol.

7. One thing that is in my house that would surprise people?
Tons Of Vinyl Records And CDs (Yes, I still keep all my vinyl and CDs I lost a lot in rented storage years ago)

8. I feel happiest for the day when I…
Lol. Can do whatever I want to do on my time.

9. One simple action you think everyone could take to make the world a better place
Appreciate And Love LIFE in general

See the following websites and radio show for more from DJ King Waggy Tee
Facebook: waggy tee
IG: @waggytee99
Twitter: @waggytee
Soundcloud: waggytee
Radio Show: The Bashment Explosion Friday Nights on 99 Jamz (wedr.com) 12midnight – 2am.

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