9 Ways You Know A Jamaican Like You

9 Ways You Know A Jamaican Like You

Jamaicans are blunt and typically it does not take long to know if they like you or not. Both their body language and choice of words when talking to you will let you know right away. If you want to know if they do like you, here are some signs you can consider:

1. Jamaicans are notorious for the “spirit tek” or gut feeling. The biggest endorsement you can get from a Jamaican is them saying “Mi spirit tek to them” – my spirit likes you. It means instinctively they like you even if they can’t pinpoint a reason at the very moment.

2. Jamaicans love food, especially when prepared well, but they will also let you know that “dem nuh eat from any an any badi” – they do not eat from just anyone. So if a Jamaican does eat your food, consider yourself getting the second biggest endorsement. Most will like their pot seasoned with specific ingredients, or they will enjoy a certain level of texture, some may even look at the cleanliness of your kitchen (house by extension) before they decide mentally if they will eat from you.

3. You will often hear a Jamaican saying “A nuh anybody can com a mi yard” – not just anyone is invited to my house. So if you do get an invitation, consider yourself being not just “anyone” but someone they actually like.

4. They cook for you – If you have been at the house of a Jamaican and watch them cooking, you would have seen that a lot of time goes into preparing the ingredients for the food, so if they do take the time to cook for you they genuinely like you.

5. Lend you items – If for sure there was a group of persons that were kind but also do not like to lend out their personal items (conflicting, I know) it would be Jamaicans. They are very cautious about lending out items, most times worried about the care of it, but once they do lend you something it means they trust you to care and return it in as good the condition they gave you.

6. Jamaicans will flood you with gifts when they like you! They never come around you empty handed. Neighbours will share whatever they have, be it fruits or vegetables from their backyard/farm, or whatever item they have excess of and believe it may be of good use to you. You can also ask for something you may be short on for eg, some flour or a little oil etc.

7. They refer to you as “mi Bredrin/Sistren” – meaning my brother/sister. They may also refer to you as “mi doops or dupes / dawg / parri / pardi – all male related terms for a friend. The females on the other hand may refer to each other as “sister / bonafide / bff / bestie” – all acknowledging that the person being referred to is their friend.

8. They acknowledge your birthday and other special events in your life, always reaching out to say congratulations or wishing you well, sometimes even gifting you.

9. They cheer for you, encourage you when they see you winning/achieving. This indicator is especially true on social media platforms because truth be told, Jamaicans can be some of the cruelest “nice” persons you ever come across in your lifetime.

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